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With a wealth of experience in large and small forestry operations across private woodlands, estates and for commercial clients you can rest assured you are in experienced hands when working with us. 

We specialise in productive yet low impact methods of forestry, being the only professional forestry contractors in the southwest being able to offer mechanical harvesting alongside the use of Horses within forestry. 

Wiltshire Forestry always aim to do what is best for the woodlands and combine that with the needs of our clients.

Please see below the services we offer.


Timber Harvesting

From clear fells to first thinning's we have the equipment to carry out all harvesting. Timber harvested from well managed woodlands can generate substantial income for the owner. Utilising our HarvaDig ensures we have efficient production of timber product whilst adhering to the highest standards of safety, environmental and quality assurance. 

We also undertake Handcutting and specialist winch work.


Timber Extraction

We have both a purpose built Valmet 820 forwarder and an EcoLog 564 with enabling us to customise extraction methods depending on the site conditions. We are able to efficiently extract timber from woodlands ready to either be sold and collected by timber merchants who we work closely with or stacked for own use.


Woodland management

Woodland needs to be managed in order to remain healthy and we can help to set up an individual management plan tailored to your site. Whether you own 1 hectare or 1000 hectares, Wiltshire forestry can help you realise the full potential of your woodland and prove that the conservation and recreational value of your woodland can be enhanced, whilst also producing sustainable timber products. 

horse .jpg

Horse Logging

We don't just use heavy machines for our forestry extraction work. We have our very own team of working horses and we are one of the few companies able to offer this extremely low impact method of forestry. 

Ideal for wet sites, SSSI's and areas in which more conventional forestry equipment would not be suitable, our horses really do come into their own, causing minimal damage to the ground, being able to access tighter areas and carry out more sensitive extraction option.

Screenshot 2023-07-14 083743.jpg

Tree planting

One of the most important aspects of sustainable forestry is planting. We can guide you through the whole process including grants, carry out any survey work, create planting plans and choose the right species to suit each location, as well as carrying out the actual planting works and providing ongoing protection, maintenance and advise. Whether your planting for timber investment, environmental, farming or recreation we can help. 


Timber sales

Getting the best possible return from a woodland is vital and timber harvested from well managed woodlands can generate a substantial income for the owner. With our network of contacts we are able to utilise and find markets for the whole tree at the best possible price for every component delivering the best value for all your timber products harvested from your woodland. We are also happy to discuss options of buying timber standing meaning there is no cost to fell and extract for the woodland owner.


Roadside Trees

We are fully trained to carry out tree works on public roads and highways. We can provide all necessary signage, cones, barriers, stop/go boards and traffic lights as necessary and can also lease with the local council and highways on road closures. With good planning and the right machinery our well trained teams are able to safely and efficiently manage all road side tree works with minimal disruption and delay to traffic. 


Felling licence applications

Here at Wiltshire Forestry we support the need of preservation and conservation of trees and wildlife and that's why we support the Forestry Commission's legislations, to help protect Britain's forests. The Forestry Commission requires you to have a tree felling licence in order to fell trees if over a certain volume. If the wrong tree is felled, or there is no licence or other valid permission anyone involved can be prosecuted. It is an offence to fell a tree without a licence, where one is required. We can help talk you through the process and complete all relevant applications for you. 


Mobile Log Processing

If you’re thinking about cutting and splitting firewood then a firewood processor is a great machine that cuts and splits lengths of wood into pieces of the required size to fit on a fire or in a woodburner. 

Mobile firewood processing offers a significant cost saving when compared to cutting them with a chainsaw and splitting by hand. 

With our towable firewood processor we can come to your premises to process, cut and split logs to your own specifications from your own stock of cord wood.

We also offer (but are not limited to) the following services.

  • Mulching

  • Tree surgery

  • Grass management 

  • Scrub removal

  • Winching

  • Hand cutting

  • Ride creation and maintenance

  • Biomass Chipping

  • Bracon rolling

  • Grant administration 

  • Fencing

  • Ditching and raking

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